Hacking of social media accounts like WhatsApp can be experienced by users. Even though WhatsApp is equipped with an end-to-end encrypted security system and two-step verification, it is possible for hackers to break into accounts and extract personal data.

If your WhatsApp account has already been hijacked, there is still a chance to get it back. Check out two ways to restore a hijacked WhatsApp below.

1. Report to WhatsApp help center
Reporting from the official website, the way to deal with hijacked WhatsApp can be by sending a reporting email to WhatsApp at [email protected].

Write an email with the subject that your WA account was hacked, for example: “My WhatsApp account got hacked”.

In the report, write a chronology along with additional evidence such as account screenshots and issues experienced.

Then complete your phone number used for WhatsApp starting with the Indonesian international code number (+62).

After making a report, WhatsApp will immediately deactivate the account or temporarily deactivate the account. Wait for a notification to be able to reactivate your WhatsApp account.

2. Reinstall Whatsapp
The next easy way to restore a hijacked WhatsApp is to reinstall the WhatsApp application on the cellphone.

First, uninstall or delete the WhatsApp application from the phone, then reinstall it and log in by entering the phone number as usual.

Then a verification will appear in the form of an OTP code sent via SMS directly to your cellphone number, then enter the OTP code.

After you successfully log in to WhatsApp, the account in the hands of the hacker will automatically log out and the WhatsApp account will recover.

This OTP code is a security so that hackers or hackers are not given the opportunity to detect the password.

After entering the OTP code and you can log into your WhatsApp account, immediately take additional precautions by activating two-step verification.

How to enable two-step verification
The two-step verification feature is additional protection that aims to keep your WhatsApp account from moving into the hands of hackers.

When activating two-step verification, WhatsApp users will be asked to enter a six-digit PIN.

The secret PIN in this two-step verification functions as an access key, if the user replaces their cellphone in the future.

Two-step verification is quite safe from hackers. This feature provides double security on social media accounts including WhatsApp to avoid piracy. Here’s how to activate it:
– Go to WhatsApp Profile, then select Settings
– Select Account, then click Two-Step Authentication
– Activate this feature by entering the 6 digit PIN code
– Once Two-Step Authentication is enabled, enter this 6-digit PIN code when logging in on a different device or gadget

That’s how to restore a hijacked WhatsApp. Recovering a hacked WhatsApp account can be handled quickly, as long as the victim immediately reports to the help center and follows the method above.

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