Kaspersky said, 85 percent of Android users apparently worried about their privacy. This is based on Privacy Checker data that reveals users are most interested in knowing how to set privacy settings for specific services on Android (85 percent).

Meanwhile, for apps, most of the requests this year were related to Google’s security guidelines (22 percent).

Not only that, the Digital Privacy and Security Survey conducted by the Calyx Institute in 2021 also reported that 80 percent of respondents were worried about digital privacy data over the past year. There are 59 percent of users who are more aware about the security of personal data than last year.

Kaspersky Privacy Checker also finds and analyzes which services and platforms are most frequently requested by users for security service instructions.

As a result, there are far more privacy guidelines for services on the Android platform than on any other OS. Windows and iOS are only 6 percent, while Mac is 3 percent.

The numbers for the most viewed pages on the Privacy Checker site confirm the greatest popularity for Android queries. The top five are all related to privacy security instructions on Android.

The data reveals that users are most interested in mid-level privacy for Google (17 percent). The next three positions are Chrome (9 percent) and WhatsApp (9 percent) intermediate privacy rules.

Also the most stringent guidelines for Google (9 percent). Fifth, is the medium-level security instructions for Facebook (7 percent).

For service settings, users were most interested in guidelines for Google (22 percent), WhatsApp (14 percent), operating system privacy rules and Chrome (12 percent), Instagram (11 percent), slightly outpacing Facebook with 10 percent of requests.

On the Privacy Checker platform, users can choose from different levels of security settings, namely strict, medium, and light.

This year, for all services, the largest share of demand was related to mid-level instruction. The exception is the Safari browser, where users are more interested in the strictest privacy rules, namely 54 percent and 45 percent for medium.

Head of Social Media at Kaspersky, Sergey Malenkovich, said, “Privacy Checker’s visitor statistics show the aspects of online privacy and security that attract the most attention of users.

“This year, Instagram topped Facebook and TikTok, which is quite surprising, given the amount of scrutiny TikTok is still receiving from the public and authorities,” said Sergey.

He continued, this may be related to the updated terms of service that have been made so far. According to Sergey, Instagram users, in this case, want to make sure that their personal data is safe.

Here is Kaspersky’s brief checklist to help users protect their personal information across all platforms:
– Security solutions often have private browsing features that can help avoid internet tracking.
– Review permissions for mobile apps and browser extensions. It’s best to avoid installing browser extensions, unless the user really needs them. Carefully check the permissions the user has granted.
– Public storage is not the best place to store personal information. For example, a scanned passport or a list of passwords. A better option is to store it in an encrypted archive.
– Update important OS and applications as and when updates are available. Many security issues can be solved by installing the latest software version.
– Avoid uploading information that gives too much detail. For example address, personal phone number, email address, and other personal data.

Remember, before sharing anything, consider whether there might be unintended consequences. Do not share any information or photos that could endanger the privacy of yourself or others.

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