Google Drive (GDrive) developed by Google is very useful as a storage space for documents, photo files, or videos.

For Gmail users, GDrive access will be automatically available with a maximum storage capacity of 15 GB.

If it has been used beyond the limit, then the new file cannot be saved to Google Drive. How to overcome the Google Drive limit is quite easy and fast. But, first know the cause.

Causes of Google Drive Full

There are several causes that often make the storage space on Google Drive over limit, including:

Too many save files that exceed the default capacity
Even if you don’t have a lot of files on GDrive, it’s possible that you have some special files that are quite large in size taking up storage
Another cause could be because the attachment to the e-mail is too large

How to Overcome Google Drive Limit

To overcome the Google Drive limit, you can choose the following options and the method can be done through various devices such as mobile phones or PCs.
1. Delete unimportant data
GDrive’s full storage space generally holds a large number of files, videos, photos.

You can sort files or data that are no longer used and delete them.

In addition to being deleted from GDrive, you can try to download the file and move it to another storage such as a flash or hard drive.

By deleting some unimportant data, GDrive storage space can be made available again.

2. Upgrading storage
The way to overcome the Google Drive limit can be by increasing the capacity to 100 GB, 1 TB (Terabyte) for a fee.

Please note that the default capacity of the free Google Drive is only 15 GB. The amount of storage can be less if you have a lot of files.

Especially if you don’t want to delete the previous files, it is highly recommended to upgrade storage.

The purchase price of additional storage varies. Starting from Rp. 26 thousand per month for 100 GB or Rp. 135 thousand per month with a capacity of 1 TB.

3. Create a new Google account
Another, more instant way to overcome the Google Drive limit is to open a new Gmail account as additional storage space.

This option can be a solution so that you have a special email to store important files.

Later you do not need to download one by one the files to be moved. Just attach it to a new Gmail sender address and save it to that GDrive.

Old files in previous GDrive can be deleted so that the storage is more spacious to store other files.

How to Prevent Google Drive Limit

Before the storage on Google Drive is full, you should anticipate with the following simple tips:

– Routinely sort less important files on GDrive for deletion
– Check regularly the trash on G-Drive and clean it so it doesn’t accumulate
– Delete email attachments that have large files. If the file is important, it can be downloaded and stored separately but not in Google Drive

That’s the cause and how to overcome the Google Drive limit as well as tips to prevent it from saving enough files.

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