The display screen of a cellphone (hp) can be displayed to other devices with a larger and more spacious screen such as a laptop. In addition to the larger screen size, the display on the laptop will make it easier for you without having to look at it from a close distance.

Connecting a cellphone to a laptop or the term screen mirroring is quite easy to do. There are several ways to connect a cellphone screen to a laptop wirelessly that you can follow, for users of Windows and Mac devices.

1. Prepare the Android/iOS Phone to Connect
Before connecting your Android or iOS cellphone to a desktop or laptop computer, you need to adjust the settings or settings on the cellphone.

– Open “Settings” on the mobile device.
– Scroll down and select “About Phone”
– Click “Build Number” 5 times to confirm this action as a security pattern, such as PIN, pattern or fingerprint scan.
– Next, activate “Developer Mode” until it says “You are already a developer”.

2. Connect Mobile Screen to Windows PC
By far, the best and easiest application used to connect a cellphone screen to a Windows-based laptop/PC is “scrcpy.”

This application can be run using a wired or wireless connection which is easy to use, although it has a slightly complicated setup.

You can download it on GitHub, one of the platforms for developers and follow the steps below:

– Open Browser” then go to “scrcpy” page on GitHub.
– Then scroll down, click “Get Application”
– Then in the Windows section, download the “.zip” file with the name of course according to the last number of the version you are currently using.
– Click on the “.zip” file download section
– After downloading, extract the files by selecting “Extract Files”
– After the file is successfully extracted, click “adb.exe” to install “Android ADB”
– After this, the Android device is ready to mirror or connect to your desired laptop or PC.

Finally, all you have to do is connect your Android device to your laptop using a USB cable or set up Wi-Fi.

3. Connect Phone Screen to Mac
Besides being able to be used for Windows devices, the scrcpy application is also compatible for Mac OS. Unlike Windows computers, which require you to download a .zip file, Macs have other ways to install them. Here’s how to display a cellphone screen on a laptop, citing the Alphar page.

– First, install the “Homebrew” application first.
– Open “Finder” on your Mac
– Click “Applications” from the menu on the left. If this option is not visible, simply press “Command + A” on the keyboard.
– From the Applications list, go to “Utilities.”
– Start the “Terminal” application.
– Copy the following command code and paste it into “Terminal,” then press “Enter” to run it: /bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL sh)”
– Wait 10 to 15 minutes to install Homebrew.
– After the install process is complete, then install the Android ADB tool.
– To do so, type or copy/paste the following command into “Terminal”, then press “Enter” to execute: brew cask install android-platform-tools
– If you have, then you can install the Scrcpy application. Copy the following code: brew install scrcpy
– Then paste into “Terminal”, then press “Enter.”
– Wait until the process is complete.
– To establish a connection between Android and Mac OS, connect your Android device using a USB cable.
– USB Debugging notification appears on Android screen. Tap “Allow to continue.” You can also tap “Always allow from this computer” to prevent notifications from appearing every time you connect.
– In Mac Terminal, type “scrcpy” without the quotes to run the application. Now your cellphone screen can be connected to a laptop/computer screen.

Although the process of setting up the device is a bit complicated and takes time, I hope that connecting a cellphone screen to a laptop can help you.

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