Google Drive is one of the most popular data storage platforms today. Get to know how to create folders in Google Drive.

Google Drive is an online data storage service. Launched in 2012, this service serves to store various types of data, just with a Gmail account you have.

This service provides a free 15 GB storage container, which can be added with certain payments.

In the world of work, especially in the current work from home (WFH) era, Google Drive seems to be very much needed. Google Drive will make it easy to send documents from one person to another online.

How to use Google Drive is also fairly easy. Just like a computer or laptop hard disk, you can group documents into folders as needed. Grouping documents into folders makes searching easier.

Here’s how to create a folder in Google Drive, citing the Google Help page.

How to Create a Google Drive Folder on a Computer
1. Access the page.
2. Log in with your Gmail account.
3. Click the ‘New’ option on the top left of the screen.
4. Select the ‘Folder’ option
5. Enter the desired folder name, then click ‘Create’

You can move documents from anywhere in Google Drive to put them in a folder. Here’s how to move files to a folder in Google Drive.
1. Right-click on the document you want to move.
2. Click ‘Move to…’
3. Select or create a folder, then click ‘Move Here’.

However, if you want to move the document to a folder without deleting it from the All Places, you can copy it. Here’s how.
1. Right-click on the desired document.
2. Click ‘Make a Copy’
3. The document will be copied.

How to Create a Google Drive Folder on Android and iOS

Apart from your computer or laptop, you can also access Google Drive via your cellphone or other device. Here’s how.
1. Open the Google Drive app
2. Tap ‘Add’ or ‘+’ icon
3. Tap on ‘Folders’
4. Enter the desired folder name, then tap ‘Create’

Just like on a computer, you can also move documents into that folder. Here’s how.
1. Open the Google Drive app
2. Next to the desired document, tap the three-dot icon, then tap Move To.
3. Select or create a folder, then tap ‘Move Here’

That’s how to create a folder in Google Drive. I hope this helps!

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