Various digital documents ranging from photos, videos, emails, and other Google docs files can now be easily stored on Google Drive. Even all those files can be grouped so as not to fall apart.

Google’s online file storage service provides a maximum of 15 GB of free storage space for use on Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

The longer the files that are accommodated can pile up and become full. If you want a larger capacity, users are charged a monthly fee.

If you don’t want it, the files in Google Drive should be partially deleted or even empty so that you can save new files.

How to empty Google Drive is also quite short and easy.

How to Delete Google Drive Files on Computer
– Go to site
– Select a file that you want to delete by clicking on it. If you want to select more than one file, press Ctrl and then click with the mouse to select another file. Meanwhile, if you want to empty Google Drive, press Ctrl+A to select all the files
– Next, click the trash can icon or Trash in the row of action buttons on the top right to delete the file
– The file will be deleted but not completely lost, just move to the “Trash” or “Trash” folder. If not restored or recovered, all documents in the trash will be deleted forever after 30 days
– But if you want to delete permanently without waiting 30 days, click the “Trash” folder in the menu on the left of the screen
– Click the “Empty trash” option at the top right to empty the folder and delete the permanent files. If you select this menu, all items or documents that are in the Trash or Trash will be lost forever and cannot be recovered.

How to Delete Google Drive Files on an Android Phone
You can also clear Google Drive storage on your Android phone. The method is not much different from deleting Google Drive storage on a computer.

However, make sure your Android phone has downloaded and installed the Google Drive application first. Here’s how.
– Open the Google Drive app
– Click the file you want to delete
– Click the trash can or Trash icon to delete files
– Click the menu icon in the upper left corner, then select Bin
– Click the Delete Forever icon to permanently delete the file.

To empty Google Drive, you just have to repeat the above method until all files have been successfully deleted.

That’s how to empty Google Drive so that the storage space is relieved and can be used normally. If the file isn’t that important, make sure it’s permanently deleted and isn’t stuck in the Trash folder.

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