Mobile security company Kryptowire said it identified a serious security vulnerability in a number of Samsung phones running Android versions 9 through 12.

Quoted by Bussineswire, the vulnerability was discovered by using Kryptowire Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST). As a result, there is a system in place on those phones that allows local apps to mimic system level activity and ‘hijack’ important protected functions.

“Ever thought that other people had access to your phone? Unfortunately, you might be right,” says Alex Lisle, CTO of Kryptowire.

“Mobile apps are becoming the main point of personal and professional activity, becoming an increasingly attractive target for criminals.”

This security vulnerability is said to give hackers the ability to factory reset or factory reset a phone so that it can wipe all user data, make phone calls, install or uninstall apps silently.

Kryptowire also stated that the vulnerability could have the effect of weakening HTTPS security by installing root certificates without end-user consent. All that potential comes from untrusted apps running in the background.

All these style hijackings are reminiscent of a number of intelligence genre films. For example, Jason Bourne (2016), where CIA Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčOperations Chief Heather Lee can use a cellphone remotely to be a medium for erasing data on Bourne’s laptop.

Lisle went on to say that the vulnerability of the system was in the CVE-2022-22292 system. Samsung received a vulnerability report on November 27, 2021, and gave the system a ‘High’ security threat rating.

Samsung is said to have patched the system vulnerability in February 2022, as part of the ongoing Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process.

Quoted from Toms Guide, the company is basically responsible for the development and security of the application.

To further ensure security, owners of Samsung smartphones or tablets are still advised to update the operating system (OS) to the latest version of Android.

To do this, open the Settings menu, look for software updates at the bottom of the menu. Then tap download and install. The phone will also notify whether the system device has been updated or not

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