Characteristics of Flashdisk Affected by Shortcut Virus and How to Fix It

June 21, 2022 0 Comments

With the development of technology, especially on computers and laptops, the viruses that can infect these devices are increasingly numerous and varied. Viruses do not only attack computers or laptops, but also flash drives.

One of the viruses that are often found on flash is a shortcut virus. You can recognize it from the characteristics and immediately do how to fix the flash hit by the shortcut virus.

Generally, a flash drive that is infected with a virus comes from a laptop or computer device that has a virus and then infects it.

If you get this virus on a flash drive, it is likely that you previously connected this flash to a laptop or computer affected by the virus and did not eject.

Of course this can be worrying, especially if there is a lot of important data on your flash drive that is affected by this shortcut virus.… Read the rest