Google Will Reduce Clickbait Information in Search Results

September 5, 2022 0 Comments

Google made a series of updates to Google Search. The big goal is to reduce clickbait information and increase the relevance of search results.

With this update, Google also wants to prioritize original and authentic reviews over recycled information circulating on aggregator sites.

Quoting The Verge, Saturday (20/8/2022), these changes will be present in two updates that are being rolled out in the next few weeks.

“We know people don’t find content useful if it’s designed to entice clickbait instead of informing readers. So starting next week, for English-speaking users globally, we’re rolling out a series of search results improvements to make it easier for people to find useful content.” said Google, in its blog.

Google further said that this update will help users ensure that unoriginal and low-quality content does not rank highly in search results.

This is especially true for online educational materials, entertainment, shopping, and technology-related content.… Read the rest