Smartphones are no longer a tool for just communicating. Smartphones have developed into devices to facilitate work and entertainment, including one for playing games.

Even so, not all smartphones are strong for playing games. There are some games that require certain device specifications to be able to play them.

Often, games that require quite high device specifications can make the smartphone hotter when played, even with low to medium graphics settings.

The heat of the device, in addition to affecting game performance, of course also makes the smartphone feel uncomfortable in the hand.

Here are some ways that you can do to cool your smartphone while playing games.

1. Choose a heat-resistant phone case
Casing or phone case, is not only useful for keeping the phone from being bumped or dirty when dropped. Accessories of this kind also help reduce overheating.

Therefore, choose a smartphone case that helps withstand maximum heat output from the device when you play games.

2. Change device settings
Everyone has different smartphone settings or settings when playing games.

Not a few want the best graphics, while others will sacrifice it in order to get better game quality and performance.

Device settings also have an impact on device operation, performance and temperature.

So, consider lowering screen brightness or adjusting graphics settings, when playing heavy games on mobile. This not only makes the gameplay better, but also keeps the device from overheating.

3. Close unused apps
Many people forget to turn off unused apps, where this can degrade device performance and cause overheating.

Close unused applications, especially those that have been used for a long time, to keep your smartphone at its best performance and prevent heating.

Deleting unneeded files can also help your phone from overheating.

4. Avoid direct sunlight
Direct sunlight exposed to the device will make it hotter, reduce performance, and potentially damage it and its components.

So, it is recommended to look for a shady place if you want to play games with a smartphone, and avoid direct sunlight.

5. Pause when playing for a long time
Playing for a long time can of course make the smartphone hot and affect its performance. For that, give a pause after a long playing duration, and play in a reasonable time.

Apart from keeping your smartphone in good performance, it is also good for your own health. Take a break after a long play by filling your stomach or drinking.

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